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Leicestershire Senior League
Team List
Division History
Premier Division
Originally called the Leicestershire Senior League as only one division existed.

   Winners  Runners Up
1903/04Loughborough CorinthiansLeicester Fosse Res
1904/05Leicester Fosse ResLeicester Imps
1905/06Leicester Fosse ResSth Wigston Alb
1906/07Leicester Fosse ResCoalville Town
1907/08Coalville TownHinckley Utd
1908/09Hinckley UtdMkt. Harborough Town
1909/10Hinckley UtdHugglescote Utd
1910/11Shepshed AlbCoalville Town
1911/12Holwell WorksGresley Rvrs
1912/13Loughborough CorinthiansHinckley Utd
1913/14Hinckley UtdWhitwick Imps
1914/15Whitwick ImpsCoalville Town
1915/16Coalville SwiftsGresley Rvrs
1916/17to 1917/18 - no competition
1918/19Coalville SwiftsLoughborough YMCA
1919/20Whitwick ImpsCoalville Swifts
1920/21Shepshed AlbMoira Utd
1921/22Whitwick ImpsShepshed Alb
1922/23Whitwick ImpsAshby Town
1923/24Ashby TownWhitwick Imps
1924/25Whitwick ImpsBarwell Utd
1925/26Barwell UtdBurton Town Res
1926/27Mountsorrel TownBarwell Utd
1927/28Burton Town ResLoughborough Corinthians Res
1928/29Burton Town ResGresley Rvrs Res
1929/30Burton Town ResGresley Rvrs Res
1930/31to 1933/34 - no competition
(Renamed Leicestershire League)
1934/35New Lount CollieryOverseal Inst
1935/36HM Mansfields SportsWhitwick White Cross
1936/37Loughborough BrushWhitwick White Cross
1937/38HM Mansfields SportsGresley Rvrs
1938/39DonisthorpeGresley Rvrs
(Renamed Leicestershire Senior League)
1939/40Peacetime season abandoned after three games due to the outbreak of World War 2.
(Wartime season)
1939/40Loughborough CollQuorn Meths
1940/41Brush SportsLeicester City Colts
1941/42Leicester City ColtsGresley Rvrs
1942/43Leicester City ColtsCOD Old Dalby
1943/44COD Old DalbyLeicester City Colts
1944/45PegsonsRAF Melton Mowbray
1945/46Coalville TownLeicester City Colts
Split into Central Division and Western Division for the 1946/47 and 1947/48 seasons.
(Central Division)
1946/47Gresley RvrsAnstey Meths
1947/48Gresley RvrsNuneaton Borough Res
(Western Division)
1946/47Moira UtdMeasham Imps
1947/48Moira UtdBarlestone Utd
Leicestershire Senior League First Division (Second Division was formed this season)
1948/49Coalville TownGresley Rvrs
1949/50Nuneaton Borough ResBedworth Town Res
1950/51Quorn MethsLoughborough Coll
1951/52Anstey NomadsIbstock Penistone Rvrs
1952/53Measham ImpsEarl Shilton Inst
1953/54Anstey NomadsLeicester City 'A'
1954/55Leicester City 'A'Holwell Works
1955/56Whitwick Colliery ResLeicester City 'A'
1956/57Leicester City 'A'Oadby Town
1957/58Leicester City 'A'Holwell Works
1958/59StapenhillLoughborough Coll
1959/60StapenhillEnderby Town
1960/61Whitwick CollieryStapenhill
1961/62Syston St. PetersMeasham Social
1962/63Enderby TownMeasham Social
1963/64Oadby TownEnderby Town
1964/65Enderby TownStapenhill
1965/66Newfoundpool WMCEnderby Town
1966/67Enderby TownOadby Town
1967/68Oadby TownEnderby Town
1968/69Oadby TownEnderby Town
1969/70Newfoundpool WMCMidland Ath
1970/71Friar Lane OBMidland Ath
1971/72Friar Lane OBOadby Town
1972/73Oadby TownNewfoundpool WMC
1973/74Friar Lane OBOadby Town
1974/75Friar Lane OBJones & Shipman
1975/76Friar Lane OBJones & Shipman
1976/77Friar Lane OBOadby Town
1977/78Friar Lane OBOadby Town
1978/79Shepshed CharterhouseAnstey Nomads
1979/80Shepshed CharterhouseAnstey Nomads
1980/81Shepshed CharterhouseAnstey Nomads
1981/82Anstey NomadsBirstall Utd
1982/83Anstey NomadsWigston Fields
(First Division renamed Premier Division)
1983/84Melton TownNarborough
1984/85ThringstoneWigston Fields
1985/86ThringstoneAnstey Nomads
1986/87StapenhillWigston Fields
1987/88Holwell WorksStapenhill
1988/89StapenhillWigston Town
1989/90St. Andrews SCSyston St. Peters
1990/91Lutterworth TownAnstey Nomads
1991/92Holwell SportsSt. Andrews SC
1992/93Holwell SportsFriar Lane OB
1993/94St. Andrews SCFriar Lane OB
1994/95Oadby TownBarrow Town
1995/96St. Andrews SCOadby Town
1996/97Oadby TownFriar Lane OB
1997/98Oadby TownKirby Muxloe
1998/99Oadby TownBirstall Utd
1999/00Highfield RgrsSt. Andrews SC
2000/01QuornHolwell Sports
2001/02Coalville TownFriar Lane OB
2002/03Coalville TownBarrow Town
2003/04Loughborough DynamoKirby Muxloe
2004/05Thurnby RgrsHolwell Sports
2005/06Friar Lane & EpworthBarrow Town
2006/07StapenhillKirby Muxloe
2007/08Kirby MuxloeBarrow Town
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